Our confectionaries were also featured in various media such as TV and magazines.
"NEMURIGAKI ZUKUSHI" has been introduced many times as the yokan of the imperial household, and many media have taken our specialty confectionery as a well-established flavor and as a gourmet order.


Featured on Fuji TV "Who is the most enviable in Japan? A national rich person grand prix".

On January 2, 2017 on the national network broadcast, a gourmet company president, introduced our product,  "TSUKINO FUKUFUKU MOCHI" by telling the audience that he would spend a 300,000yen for a helicopter just to eat our sweet.

Featured on Chukyo TV "PS III".

Our NEMURIGAKI ZUKUSHI was introduced as the "Yokan of the imperial household" on June 8, 2014. (Sun)

Featured on TV Tokyo "Japanese-style main family".

Our HONWARABI MOCHI was introduced as a ”Honwarabi mochi inheriting the Edo recipe" on January 13, 2013.

Featured on BS-TBS "Trip to meet beautiful Japan".

Our confectionaries were introduced by the mainroad guide, Mr. Kankuro Nakamura, as a traditional Japanese sweet on the Nakama Kaido on August 2012.


Published in the December / January 1998 issue of "Kitchen for Men".

A food journalist introduced our confectionaries as an "Unique Japanese confectionery of a mountain village".

Published in the January 1998 issue of "Sarai".

Among the popular souvenirs from Nagoya, along with lobster crackers and uiro, our products were  introduced as "special gem".

Published in the February 2002 issue of "Katei Gaho".

A prominent female violinist feature our product as a representative of the taste of autumn.

Published in "Order Delicious Japanese foods!" (By Hisako Nagayama).

A food culture historian researcher who has produced many foods for the main characters in the  NHK period drama, introduced the origin meaning of our confectionery name “ZUKUSHI” and its special recipe.


Published in Chunichi Newspaper (December 24, 2015)

Our "Historic roadway Semi-baked Cheesecake" won the "Sweets Grand Prix Winter season" category sponsored by Rakuten and we were featured.

Published in the evening edition of the Chunichi Newspaper (July 25, 2018)

News about the decision to open our sweets shop in Beijing was featured.

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