Discerning egg

We are committed to pure domestic production.
We use Eggs called "Momiji Egg"
made by pure domestic.

The pure import ban on Japan chicken's eggs are very rare, and only 6% of it appears on the market.
Due to the climate of our country, we breed and improve egg-laying chickens that Japanese like. You can enjoy the taste of our regional eggs particular to our area.

”To ensure that our customers can enjoy our meals with peace of mind, we do not use antibiotics in chicken fodder. We order selected raw materials that are not genetically modified and feed chickens with our own farm-formula. Also,  we use feed rice to use domestic ingredients lately. We deliver this with more confidence.”
said the poultry farmer.

Eggs we make are very special. We make it with a lot of affection.

Discerning salt

Mellow, and rich.
We use "Asuke salt" of local Asuke-cho.

During the Edo period, salt was transported from various seas to Asuke town in Aichi prefecture, blended with an unique formulation, and packed to facilitate transport on mountain roads.
We started to call it "Asuke salt".

After that, many salt fields disappeared, and Asuke salt was gone temporarily. But we use the Seto Inland Sea salt, that was used before and Asuka Salt revived in this generation.
Asuka Salt features a mellow and rich salty taste.

Story of "Nakama Highway   〜the Salt Road〜"

Asuke flourished as a salt road before, at a key point on the Nakama Highway.
There were other highways from Mikawa to Shinshu, but most of the road carrying salt was via Asuke.

Salt taken from, Ohama / Tanao (Hekinan City), Nariwa (Handa City), Ikuta (Isshiki Town), Aiba (Kira Town), etc., travels up the Yahagi River by boat, passed cities such as, Furunezumi (Fuso Town, Toyota City), and Hirako (Former Matsudaira-cho) and was sent to Asuke.
In order to equalize the quality of the salt, mixed the salt from each region, and made the weight of the salt about 26 kg each wrapping so that it can be transported from Asuka to Yamasaka.
The salt renovated in Asuke was sent to Shinshu under the name of "Asuke salt" and "Asuke repair".
We hope we could tell everyone about the ancient Japanese culture through sweets and be able to make the Asuka salt reproduced as close to the original as possible.

Matsuzuki founder Yukichi Matsui had a history of running precious salt brokers and wholesalers at the time, and this fact is clearly stated in ancient documents.
How to keep the thought of Yukichi still today and pass it on to the modern world. As with sweets, our commitment to salt incorporates the passion and desire of Yukichi from generation to generation.

Reasons not to last

Because we do not use any synthetic preservatives to our confectionaries.

Our confectionaries do not last for a long time because we do not use any synthetic preservatives at all.
Some sweets use food coloring, but we use the minimum amount for cutomers to enjoy Japanese sweets.

MATSU ZUKI was established in 1855.
Ever since we started the store, we take a long time and maintain our postures of carefully making home-made sweets, even in a world of fierce creed of "Bringing out the full flavor of the ingredients and Famous confectionery as it is ".

We don't just look at the locality of raw materials. We also know what quality is best for our sweets.
Sweetness, savory, good taste. We make it with the materials we think are the most balanced for our confectionaries.

We are working hard every day to make sweets for new generations, based on techniques that have been handed down since ancient times. While respecting history, we continue to challenge ourselves to the next generation without being bound by stereotypes.

Online ordering can be submitted 24 hours a day.

About Delivery

※After contacting us in advance, we may take a rest other than regular holidays.
Delivery business will also be closed.
Inquiries during day-off will be confirmed the next business day.
Thank you for your understanding.