Shopping Flow

When you find the product you want to buy

Search the product from the shopping page, and if you find the product you are interested in, press the “Go to product details” button to display the “product details screen”.

Next, select the number of purchases in the product details screen and press the "Go to shopping cart" button. If you have the desired quantity of stock, the goods will be moved into the shopping cart.

If you want to continue shopping, return to the shopping page with the "Continue Shopping" button and enjoy your shopping.

※At this point, the order has not yet been confirmed.

Proceed to order screen

Check the contents of the shopping cart and press the "Go to order screen" button to go to the customer information input screen.

Enter the customer information and "Payment method", "Delivery details" and "Select delivery date and time" as instructed on the screen.

After entering all, press the "Confirm" button to confirm the entered information.
If there are any errors or omissions on your information, please press the "correction" button and correct the contents.

Confirm and complete your order

Confirm and complete your order.

After confirming everything on the content confirmation screen, press the "Order" button.
This will now confirm your order.

Once your order has been confirmed, an email will be sent to your email address to confirm your identity.

Please confirm that there are no mistakes in your order.
Product name, total payment amount, shipping cost, delivery date, etc.

About Payment

We accept payment by bank transfer, and cash on delivery.

Bank transfer

銀行名:豊田信用金庫 稲武支店(イナブシテン)
普通 0196754  株式会社御菓子所まつ月

Bank name: Toyota Shinkin Bank Inabushiten
Normal 0196754 Okashidokoro Matsuzuki Co., Ltd.

  • ●After your order, we will send you an email from Rakuten Ichiba regarding payment.
  • ●After confirming the payment status, the shipping procedure will begin.
  • ●If the shop changed the price, the price will be different between the time you placed your order and the time when you send the information email about the payment from Rakuten Ichiba.
    Please check the payment amount in the payment information email before paying.
  • ●If payment is not confirmed within 14 days, Rakuten Ichiba will automatically cancel your order.
  • ●Cancellations may be made before the payment deadline.Please check the shop information or the description on the product page, etc., and pay as soon as possible.
  • ●Bank trasnfer fee is not included in this amount. Please burden this at your expense. Thank you.
    ※Please pay from the account in the name of the orderer. Payment may not be confirmed when it is made under a name other than the orderer.

About the shipping fee

Shipping fee by region is as below.

Delivery area Regular
delivery fee
delivery fee
HOKKAIDO 1,480 Yen 1,700 Yen
Northern Tohoku area
1,150 Yen 1,380 Yen
Southern Tohoku area
1,040 Yen 1,260 Yen
Kanto area
930 Yen 1,150 Yen
Shinetsu area
930 Yen 1,150 Yen
Hokuriku area
930 Yen 1,150 Yen
Tokai area
930 Yen 1,150 Yen
Kansai area
930 Yen 1,150 Yen
Chugoku area
1,040 Yen 1,260 Yen
Shikoku area
1,040 Yen 1,260 Yen
Northern Kyushu area
1,150 Yen 1,370 Yen
Southern Kyushu area
1,150 Yen 1,370 Yen
OKINAWA 1,370 Yen 1,590 Yen

※Consumption tax is included in the rate above.
※Additional charges may cost on isolated island/limited areas.

Precautions for combined delivery

When ordering Refrigerated delivery and Regular delivery together, both fees will be charged.

About COD fee

Separate COD fee will be required in the case of casho on delivery.
We will notify you by e-mail after ordering.
Payment should be made to the delivery staff upon receipt of the delivered goods. Delivery is performed by Yamato Transport.

◆COD fee
・Less than  10,000 yen : 330 yen
・Less than  30,000 yen : 440 yen
・Less than 100,000 yen : 660 yen

Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Store operation manager Chizuko Matsui
Location Ochi-59-5 Kurodacho, Toyota, Aichi 441-2524
Phone number 0565-82-2050
FAX 0565-82-2080
Inquiry by email Please contact us from our contat form
Sales URL
Payment method ・Cash on delivery
・Bank transfer
・Credit card payment
Required amount other
than the product price
In the case of cash on delivery, COD fee is required.
In the case of bank transfer, the transfer fee will be paid by the customer。
Please check here for shipping costs.
About delivery method 【Transportation company】YAMATO TRANSPORT CO., LTD.
【Timing of product shipment】We will be able to ship from 3 business days after order confirmation.
(Example: Shipping after Thursday is possible when confirmed on Monday.)
※Depending on weather and traffic conditions. In addition, please note that shipment and delivery may be delayed on holidays.
About returns
and defective products
Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept returns except for replacement due to defective products.
However, if you receive a different product than the one you ordered, please let us know within 5 days after the product arrives by calling us. We will exchange it.

We will cover shipping costs for returns.

In the event that a customer is inconvenienced by a defective product, etc., we will bear any fees incurred when the customer requests a refund.
We will transfer it to your designated account within 3 days after the returned product arrives.

Online ordering can be submitted 24 hours a day.

About Delivery

※After contacting us in advance, we may take a rest other than regular holidays.
Delivery business will also be closed.
Inquiries during day-off will be confirmed the next business day.
Thank you for your understanding.