Nemurigaki zukushi

Content Quantity 250g(1pc)
Ingredients Sugar (domestic production), persimmon, maltose, syrup, agar / paprika pigment
Expiration date 31 days from the date of shipment (including the date of shipment)
Storage method In summer, you can enjoy the persimmon flavor more by cooling it in summer and cutting it to about 1 cm.
Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. After opening, store in the refrigerator and enjoy as soon as possible.
Box size 6.5cm x 18.5cm x 3cm (1pc)
※Due to manual work, there may be some differences in size.Thank you for your understanding.


Assortment of NEMURIGAKI ZUKUSHI(1pc)
and Honwarabimochi(1box)
3,294 Yen
Assortment of NEMURIGAKI ZUKUSHI(2pcs)
and Honwarabimochi(1box)
4,860 Yen
Assortment of NEMURIGAKI ZUKUSHI(1pc)
and Honwarabimochi(2boxes)
4,968 Yen
Assortment of NEMURIGAKI ZUKUSHI(1pc)
and Kudzukiri(4boxes)
3,024 Yen
Assortment of NEMURIGAKI ZUKUSHI(1pc)
and Koyuzu(White azuki bean
and Matcha flavor 2boxes)
3,024 Yen

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Product Details

Special persimmons are harvested in late November, hung on the eaves, exposed to cold winds, and then dried in sunlight.
By doing so, the sweet components contained in the astringent persimmon are extracted to the utmost.
We had been sun drying persimmons on a hot summer sunlight before. But now, we sun dry it for a long time from January to summertime for a higher quality of dried persimmons.
From there, it is aged hygienically, enters deep sleep and is stored strictly.

Harvest the persimmon, sun dry it for a long time, and ripen it for about 5 years to complete the ingredients.
It changes its appearance from dried persimmons that have been powdered to pure white, and inside it condensed "Koku" and "umami" shines brightly is for 5 years, the taste of sweet persimmon
We borrowed a lot of the power of the sun, the earth, and nature, and slowly and elaborately created it. We would be grateful if you could take our heart to
cherish the blessings of nature from our "NEMURIGAKI ZUKUSHI" that awakened from long years of sleep. that has soft fragrant is truly a Japanese food culture and we are very proud of it.

A gift to Prince Takamatsunomiya

We offered our product to Prince Takamatsunomiya on November 1953.
When Prince Takamatsunomiya visited the Aichi Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station,
our fifth generation, Kozo Matsui, offered our "NEMURIGAKI ZUKUSHI" and "CHESTNUT NATTO" (not currently sold) as their tea confectionery for the palace.
He said that our sweets were very delicious, and even after returning home, he said that he wanted to eat it again. He ordered our sweets many times through our mayor at the time.

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